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The concept of the OneNaija Project, was initiated by Hope Alive, a Charity Non Profit Organization. For many years, the NGO has  constantly been involved in meeting the needs of the distressed, especially people living in the remote parts of Nigeria. However, sequel to the violence and terrorism that erupted in Northern Nigeria, which has left hundreds of thousand people homeless, the NGO deemed it fit to propose that kindhearted Nigerians especially the ones living in the southern part and also those one in diaspora come together and offer assistance to our northern brothers and sisters. This project brings together different organizations to help meet the needs of the displaced victims of the Boko Haram Sect that claims they are against westernization.

Amongst different organizations are two key partners, which are;

Deefrent Limited: A high classed technological firm in Lagos Nigeria that specializes in online communication, Consultancy/Marketing, Web & Application Concepts, Social Media Management, Project Management, Social Media Management and Branding. The Company is helping the project by offering all ICT and other Internet based technological help in making sure that the project succeeds.

African Student Tourism Organization: A student organization that helps building development in Africa via tourism. The student of this organization would help in conveying materials and also distributing them to the victims. The organization is also going to partner with various students union and associations in coming accomplishing the mission of the Project.

Perez on OneNaija Project Mission in Borno State.

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The OneNaija project would be to carryout series of mission to the northern part of the country in various phases of our project. However, the very  first phase we intend to do is called the BigGive. The BigGive would be our first intervention to our brothers and sisters who has been sack with terrorism and violence of great and unimaginable degrees.

BigGive Mission:

The Big-Give mission would be archived by collaborating with individuals, corporate organizations, students governments and NGOs that believe that loves conquer all and goes a long way in wiping away tears from the faces of hundreds of thousands. The Big Give act is a way the southern Nigerians and individuals from various part of the world intend to give various kinds of relief items and support to the displaced people in Northern Nigeria. These materials would be clothing (mostly used), for men and women shoes, money donation, children foods, women sanitary materials, etc. The OneNaija mission believes that we Nigerians are ONE and regardless of our tribe, culture, language or religion, we should be our brothers keeper. To this end, the project strives to build the divide that religious crisis has created over the years by giving to the needy victims in the northeastern part of the country. We have come to acknowledge that without these people there can’t be a country called Nigeria, so we have decided to stretch our hands of fellowship and love to them so they know that we sincerely do care about them.

Over 100,000 Displaced People

Over a thousand houses burnt

Over 20,000 Wounded


 Our Team


Adebanjo Perez Adegbolagun

Project Director
Perez was born on the 14th day of August 1980. He studied Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in the Federal University of Technology Akure, there he founded an organization known as the African Students Tourism Organization. He is also a Search and Rescue Office of the National Emergency Management Agency of Nigeria (NEMA). Perez is currently a student of Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts in the USA, where he studies International Development and Social Change.

Auwal Abubakar

Team Member
Auwal was born and brought up in Jos North Local Government of Plateau state and completed my secondary school education from GSS Anglo in 1996. He is a graduate of political science from University of Jos and he is happily married with three children. Auwal is currently working as a Search and Rescue Officer of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) in the North East Zone, Borno State.

Adefioye Adebola

Team Member
Adebola is a lover of God a daughter, wife and mother. A trained child consultant and event planner, she brings her wealth of experience into OneNaija and is grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Olasoji Fagbola

Team Leader
Olasoji, is a graduate of International Development from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. He is a Development Practitioner with several years of experience. He has advanced skills in peace building, conflict management, project management, advocacy and youth development. Besides pursuing academic achievements Olasoji developed keen interest in community service as a young social entrepreneur motivated by President JF Kennedy's call to action, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". His drive to contribute in making his community better has seen him volunteered, and worked in a wide range of community service programmes and organisations in and outside Nigeria .Currently he is a Social Performance Supervisor with the Social Responsibility arm of Sahara Group, where he facilitates the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Engaging local communities in order to determine needs and develop strategies to meet them.

Olusola Enoch

Team Member
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Nigerian Students Donate to our course at OneNaijaProject

Students from Redeem Christian Fellowship and Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) of Federal University of Technology Akure had taken up the caring heart and donated bountifully clothes materials for the OneNaijaProject initiative. RCFG additionally gave a cash donation...

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