Statistics of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Affected by Insurgency in Borno

These statistics shows the present state of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) affected by the current insurgency in Borno and are solely posted here to create awareness and live presentation of the status quo as well as help outlet for organizations locally and around the world to key into the global mission to alleviating pains, distress, tribal/religious clashes and most especially to put smiles back on the face of these embattled communities and reassure lives in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Pie Chart showing the total number and percentage of IDPs in Borno State. 


Over 40% Children are currently displaced!

The most affected groups so far…







Summary statistics of the most affected communities in Borno in the current insurgency 2014.




Konduga Town

  • Men 20%
  • Women 33%
  • Children 44%
  • Aged 1%
  • Pregnant Women .7%
  • Lacting Mothers 2%
  • Injured .3%
  • Death .4%

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